Poland Participates in Anti-Semitic History Revision

By: Aedan Sara O’Connor

#PolishDeathCamps On September 1st, 1939, Nazi Germany invaded Poland. The Germans and the Soviet Union annexed Poland and forced Jews into brutal ghettos. Soon they shipped Jewish people to concentration camps to be slave labour or killed if they were not of use to the Nazis. While these camps were controlled by Nazi Germany, the Polish were complicit in their operation. Over three million Jews were killed in  #PolishDeathCamps.

Poland was part of the Communist Soviet Union. Under Communist rule the Polish people were subject to severe oppression under the Soviet’s thumb. Since Poland was freed from Soviet control, they have  developed a strong sense of nationalistic pride. In my view, Communism is evil and I am deeply happy that the Soviet Union was dissolved and am proud of America for its role in supporting the breakup of the Soviet Union. Poland rightfully had a strong sense of pride and patriotism after they took their country back. This has led to Poland having strong borders, unlike most of Europe, save Hungary.

Nationalist pride is usually positive, or at the very least, a lack of nationalism can be problematic. It often leads to a void that is filled with radical progressivism and/or radical Islam as is starting to happen in Germany, France and the United Kingdom. It is important to note that one can still be a patriot while acknowledging wrong done by their country in the past.

Americans are deeply patriotic and almost every American considers slavery a deep stain on the history of America, but is rightfully proud of their existence as a beacon of freedom for much of the world. Countries need to recognize the shameful parts of their past while embracing their strengths. Polish people should celebrate being a free moral nation while  recognizing their deep history of anti-Semitism. The reality is most of Poland was complicit with the Nazis. #PolishDeathCamps

I visited Warsaw in 2015 and went to a Polish World War II museum. Noticeably absent and minimized were the atrocities committed upon the Jewish people. I remember overhearing a tour guide explaining to a group of people that the Polish people were the primary victims of World War II. I went up to her and her group and admonished her and detailed the atrocities committed by the Polish against the Jewish people in the Holocaust. I made a scene but I felt it was the right thing to do. #PolishDeathCamps

Fast forward to today. Legislation is currently being passed in Poland to criminalize those who speak about the Polish complicity in the Holocaust. It imposes a fine or up to three years in prison for anyone found guilty of blaming “the Polish Nation” for the Holocaust. The legislation currently has passed through their senate and is awaiting the President’s signature. Proponents for the law argue the phrase #PolishDeathCamps is a slur as the camps were mainly operated by Nazis. True and Poland was a deeply anti-Semitic place where three million Jews were slaughtered with the assistance of the Poles. #PolishDeathCamps

This bill completely goes against the Western notion of liberty and freedom of speech and ventures into history revisionism. This is truly ominous. As the old adage goes “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” #PolishDeathCamps


Aedan Sara O’Connor is the founder and CEO of Dame Right. While she is an American patriot, she was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. An avid political junkie and nerd, she created Dame Right when she saw a void to be filled in feminine conservative media. Her previous work has been featured in Daily Wire, The National Post, Rebel Media, Toronto Sun and Jerusalem Post.

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