The 2018 Olympics Normalizes North Korea

By: Aedan Sara O’Connor

North Korea is a tyrannical regime. The dictator Kim Jong-Un oppresses the citizens by throwing them in modern day Nazi-style concentration camps and murders political dissidents, often even suspected political dissidents. Outside media is not allowed inside the country and over 70% of the citizens are undernourished or starving.

Several years ago American student Otto Warmbier travelled to North Korea and was convicted of stealing a flag in their kangaroo court. He was sentenced to fifteen years of hard labour and was brought back to the United States in a coma last year. He passed away several days later.

Fast forward to today when the Olympics are being held in South Korea. The Olympics have a long history choosing places that exemplify human rights abuse such as China in 2008 (and again in 2022), Russia in 2014 (months before their invasion and annexation of Crimea, Ukraine), and most famously Germany in 1936, during Hitler’s regime. The Olympics creates a false sense of international unity over sports. In the Olympics everyone competes in good spirit for meaningless victories. In reality there are countries that are moral and countries that are immoral. North Korea is a deeply immoral country.

North and (free and liberal) South Korea formed a unity team for these Olympics. North Korea chose to do this as a form of propaganda, attempting to normalize their brutal regime in the eyes of the international community. The South Koreans chose to do this because they are governed by a left-wing leader, Moon Jae In, who believes this will make inroads in the global opinion and North Korea is capitalizing on his naivete . North Korea believes this will harm the strong alliance between South Korea and the United States and I sincerely hope it does not.

North Korea has nuclear weapons and they would love to unleash  their nuclear capabilities on Guam, Hawaii or Los Angeles. It is important to keep strong sanctions against North Korea, which American Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley led the U.N. Security Council in placing this past summer.

North Korea’s participation in the Olympics normalizes the despotic regime and liberal countries should have boycotted the Olympics. Vice President Mike Pence went to the Games but remained seated during the North Korean national anthem and refused to meet with their representatives to the disgust of the mainstream media. The mainstream media loves when athletes refuse to stand for the American national anthem, though. It is telling to see who they side with. Mike Pence made the right call by snubbing North Korea – they should never be normalized.

CNN,  the Washington Post and Reuters gave favourable coverage to Kim Jong-Un’s sister Kim Yo-Jung, who attended as the Kim representative, comparing her to Ivanka Trump. This fawning coverage reminds me of the  kind profile the New York Times wrote about Hitler in 1939. Kim Yo-Jung stressed a message of unity with South Korea, which of course refers to unification under the auspices of the tyrannical regime. The Wall Street Journal provided favourable coverage to the North Korean cheer squad, who cheered in effect at gunpoint. They are a part of the North Korean propaganda. At one point one of their cheerleaders made a slight mistake. I wonder whether she will be seen again.

Politico criticized Otto Warmbier’s father for lambasting North Korea. These are the same media outlets that claim that Trump is a tyrannical dictator, which is laughable and demonstrative of the media biases and hypocrisy.

This takes us back to Trump’s State of the Union Address, where Trump described the horrors that Ji Song-Ho, a North Korean defector, underwent. A few thousand defectors have escaped North Korea, and fled to freedom in South Korea, where defectors are automatically given citizenship. There is no easy solution to North Korea, but they should never be normalized. They are possibly the most evil regime on the face of the planet.

If you want to support North Korean defectors please support Liberty in North Korea which helps North Koreans escape to South Korea


Aedan Sara O’Connor is the founder and CEO of Dame Right. While she is an American patriot, she was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. An avid political junkie and nerd, she created Dame Right when she saw a void to be filled in feminine conservative media. Her previous work has been featured in Daily Wire, The National Post, Rebel Media, Toronto Sun and Jerusalem Post.

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