Homeland Will Leave You Feeling Homeless

By: Alice Lemos

Homeland is a successful Showtime series about American counterterrorism efforts. It is centered around a bi-polar CIA agent named Carrie Mathison (yes this fictional show manages to have a more problematic FBI than even our own) who uncovers all sorts of plots against the homeland.  Commentator Debbie Schlussel wisely called it “a show for liberals who root for radical Islamic terrorists”.  The first three seasons centered around the Sergeant Nicholas Brody, a marine sergeant held in captivity by the enemy in Iraq and turned into literally, a walking time bomb.  Yet we, as the audience, were supposed to feel sympathy for him because although he kills the Vice President of the USA, supposedly the V.P. had it coming because he had sent drones into a school where the son of Brody’s captor was a student.  Brody’s love for the child of an enemy surpassed the love of his own children.

When the son and wife of the Vice President are later killed by terrorists the audience is expected to cheer since supposedly, they too had it coming because they had covered up the hit-and run-death of a woman by the son of the Vice President.  In other words, all the American who were killed somehow had it coming! This is seems to be the work of radical leftists.

This year, the anti-American sentiment is even more vehement.  The writers seem to be heartbroken that Hillary Clinton was not elected president and had originally wrote the scripts with Clinton in mind.  But to America’s benefit, she lost and now the fascistic murderous, pant-suit wearing President Keane is, according to “critics” really Donald Trump- even though she is a woman. President Keane has a general who had plotted against her killed in prison. She commanded “fix it” to her chief of staff when the general is not sentenced to death and her wish is his command.

President Keane has imprisoned hundreds of members of the intelligence community and now, of course, will be involved in the covering up of a murder of an American general. I find it ironic that the left-wing critics see the Trump administration as fascistic when it is the Clintons, namely presidential candidate and secretary of state Hillary, who has willingly accepted donations from dictators to her dubious foundation. She also had no scruples about firing the White House travel office and having them put on trial. Although they were eventually acquitted this tarnished their reputations.

This season also expands the role of an Alex Jones-based character. Alex Jones is a right wing alternative media figure who is known for sometimes engaging in conspiracy theories. This character has gone into hiding and uses the word “resistance”, even though that has become the battle cry of the Left in reality.  If truth is stranger than fiction, it is seeing people who cannot accept the results of the democratic election calling on people to “resist” the election of President Donald Trump. I hope that this show un-american show will finally come to an end and we will not have to hear the words “Madame President” much longer. At least we can be glad that the real Hillary Clinton did not win. I would not like to imagine that.


Alice Lemos is a graduate of Brown University with a PhD in Hispanic studies. She is a proud mom and active pro-lifer.


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