The Senate Should Have Passed Abortion Restrictions

By: Aedan O’Connor

On January 29th, 2018 the U.S. Senate voted on whether to hear legislation that would ban abortions after 20 weeks, when the babies were capable of feeling pain, the exceptions being rape, incest and the life of the mother. The bill was accurately dubbed “The Pain Capable Act.” It had passed through the House of Representatives and needed 60 votes in the Senate for cloture, so the bill could be properly voted on. If it was voted on it would need 50 votes (the Vice-President would be the tie-breaker and Mike Pence is very pro-life). If it did pass in the Senate the president would then have to sign it into law, which Trump would have likely done given his pro-life stance and the stated views of his policy advisors.

The Republicans have 51 seats in the Senate. This is down one seat, after militantly pro-choice Democrat Senator Doug Jones narrowly won in Alabama up against an alleged paedophile so they could not meet the requisite vote count for cloture. Cloture is the procedure in the Senate that brings a bill to a vote.

Only 3 Democrat senators voted in favour of cloture, Casey of Pennsylvania, Donnelly of Indiana and Manchin of West Virginia. They likely voted this way because their seats are up for re-election in November and they are in states won by Trump in 2016. Manchin himself is pro-life so he may have voted out of personal principles. Democrat Senators Nelson of Florida and Baldwin of Wisconsin also abstained. They too, are Democrats in states that went red in 2016 and they are up for re-election. Republican Senator McCain was absent but I believe he would have supported this bill based on his previous opposition to abortion.

So-called Republican Senators Murkowski of Alaska and Collins of Maine voted against the bill and should have the (R) stripped from their title in my view. They are not up for re-election until 2020 and 2022 respectively but I deeply hope they are challenged in the primaries by principled Republicans. Although I believe abortion should be completely criminalized with the sole exception of the life of the mother being threatened, I thought this bill was a good first step.

At 20 weeks babies can feel pain, hear sound, see lights, sleep and wake,  have fingernails, suck their thumb, swallow and their little hearts beat, and have been beating for months. He or she is mere weeks away from viability.

There are only seven countries that allow abortions past 20 weeks. Singapore, the Netherlands and South Korea have laws banning it before 22 or 24 weeks.  China has laws against sex-selective abortion although they are shoddily enforced. Along with some states, there are only two countries that allow abortion throughout the pregnancy, Canada and North Korea. When your abortion laws are on par with possibly the world’s most despotic regime they are deeply problematic.

Those who voted against aborting babies at that age should not be able to hide behind “Women’s rights”. Nobody has the right to kill another human and how dare they conflate that with the rights that women around the world are fighting for.  I hope Republicans are able to retain the House of Representatives and are able to gain a majority in the Senate. Only then, the bill can pass. I also think it is important to speak about and spread the true evils of abortion.


Aedan Sara O’Connor is the founder and CEO of Dame Right. While she is an American patriot, she was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. An avid political junkie and nerd, she created Dame Right when she saw a void to be filled in feminine conservative media. Her previous work has been featured in Daily Wire, The National Post, Rebel Media, Toronto Sun and Jerusalem Post.

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