New York Attorney General is beholden to the Abortion Lobby

By: Alice Lemos

The attorney generals of New York state, with the sole exception of Dennis Vacco, have been vehemently pro-abortion. The predecessor of current state attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, was Eliot Spitzer who was forced to resign over a scandal with a prostitute. As State Attorney General, Spitzer railed against crisis pregnancy centers that offer alternatives to abortion. Schneiderman, also is not to be deterred.

New York State, particularly, New York City, has one of the highest abortion rates in the nation.  If the abortion rate has dipped slightly it is because of the efforts of crisis pregnancy centers and sidewalk counselors. Planned Parenthood, a nefarious organization which sees abortion as the sole answer to a crisis pregnancy, deserves no credit for a slight drop.  At the present time, Schneiderman is in pursuit of sidewalk counselors who peacefully leaflet and pray in front of “Choices” abortion mill in Jamaica, Queens.  The owner of Choices, Merle Hoffman, is the type of woman whom progressives should disdain:  she is wealthy and arrogant and has earned a living from the misery of women, particularly minority women.  She has no problem with sex-selection abortions.  Schneiderman is suing members of the Church of the Rock as well as a Catholic nun for their efforts .

Hoffman employs women in front of her abortion mill, including one, Mary Lou Greenberg who has used the pseudonym “Shelly Walker” on Facebook in order to trap pro-lifers into making incriminating statements.  Ms. Greenberg is a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party.  This is the kind of individual that Schneiderman and Hoffman believe is worthy of carrying their pro-death message.  Meanwhile people who peacefully pray the rosary in front of Choices have been harassed by the pro-abortion  women who film and attempt to block their access to the streets.

I believe that Schneiderman cares more about pocketing donations from abortion-rights groups than he does about protecting the health and safety of women and infants.  New York State has Safe Haven law which makes it permissible to leave an infant within thirty-days of birth at a police station, fire house or church, no questions asked. Schneiderman does nothing to advertise this law.  Recently, one woman, Tiona Rodriguez, was convicted of killing her newborn and leaving him at a Victoria’s Secret.  One has to wonder what might had happened if  she has known about the Safe Heaven law in the subways, in schools or on buses.  Schneiderman seems to such low regard for the sanctity of life. I even suspect that if he had been the judge presiding over Rodriguez, he would have given her no time at all.

Women have died in New York City during legal abortions. That is the unfortunate truth that Hoffman, Schneiderman and their ilk want you to forget. I believe that the stance that is the most pro-woman as well as pro-baby is the pro-life stance. In the meantime, we have gone from “safe, legal and rare” to abortion for anyone at any time for any reason and you, the taxpayer, gets to pay for it.

Alice Lemos photo

Alice Lemos is a graduate of Brown University with a PhD in Hispanic studies. She is a proud mom and active pro-lifer.

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