UBC Should Speak Out Against Anti-Semitic Incident

By: Aedan Sara O’Connor

An anti-Semitic incident occurred at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, Canada. The UBC Geography Students Association (GSA) recently cancelled a rental booking for their private social event at UBC Hillel because they were pressured by several faculty members in the Department of Geography. These faculty members were insisting on boycotting the event because Hillel is pro-Israel.

Hillel is an international Jewish organization and UBC is just one of their many chapters. Of course the Jewish organization should be supportive of the sole Jewish State, which, by the way, is a liberal democracy surrounded by fundamentalist Islamic countries. Hillel does not take a political stance other than being pro-Israel but these faculty members had the audacity to claim that it was too controversial and political to attend an event held in their space.

UBC Jewish student Jake Reznik said in a statement to Dame Right; “It’s shameful by the UBC professors to use their positions of authority to push antisemitism against Hillel for being a pro-Jewish and pro-Israel organization. UBC should be an environment where professors don’t normalize antisemitism.”

Robert Walker, Director of Hasbara Fellowships Canada, which is a national pro Israel campus advocacy organization working with student leaders on campuses across Canada also made a statement “Applying discriminatory practices to Jewish student clubs is a repugnant act, and if reports are accurate, the Geography Students Association must take immediate corrective action to right this wrong.”

The GSA, of course, has the freedom to associate with whoever they choose, but when they make explicitly anti-Semitic decisions (and yes, refusing to host an event at a Jewish centre because they support the Jewish State is anti-semitic) they deserve to be called out. If UBC claims that it is “committed to an environment free from discrimination” as their equity statement does they should take action against the Department of Geography faculty and the GSA or at least make a statement denouncing them.


Aedan Sara O’Connor is the founder and CEO of Dame Right. While she is an American patriot, she was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. An avid political junkie and nerd, she created Dame Right when she saw a void to be filled in feminine conservative media. Her previous work has been featured in Daily Wire, The National Post, Rebel Media, Toronto Sun and Jerusalem Post.

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