West Virginia Senate Primary #NeverBlankenship

By: Aedan Sara O’Connor

The West Virginia Primary for the midterm elections for both the Republicans and the Democrats is this Tuesday, May 8th. On the Democrat side, moderate incumbent Joe Manchin faces off against a progressive challenger, Paula Jean Swearengin. Despite Manchin’s recent popularity decrease, he is expected to win the primary, but will face some difficulties keeping his seat due to Trump’s popularity in the state. If Swearengin wins the primary the Democrats are expected to lose in November.

The Republicans on the other hand are facing a three way race between Don Blankenship, Evan Jenkins and Patrick Morrisey. Patrick Morrisey is the current West Virginia Attorney General. He is very pro-life, anti- sanctuary city and has an A+ from the National Rifles Association. Evan Jenkins is the current Representative from West Virginia’s 3rd district. He opposes DACA, is properly critical of the Enviromental Protection Agency’s reach and supports the repeal of Obamacare. Both Jenkins and Morrisey have strong records and would make fine senators, but then, of course, there is Blankenship.

Don Blankenship is the former CEO of Massey Energy Company, which was the country’s sixth largest coal company. He was indicted in 2014 for conspiracy to violate mandatory federal mine safety and health standards and conspiracy to impede federal mine safety officials for his role in the Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster. He had a part to play in an explosion that killed 29 coal miners. He served a year in prison and appealed his case but it was rejected and he continues to spout insane conspiracy theories that he was convicted as part of a government cover-up.

Most polls show either Jenkins or Morrisey ahead but a recent article in Politico alleges that Blankenship is surging ahead. Friends in West Virginia, we urge you to vote either Jenkins or Morrisey. We as Republicans ought to have learned from the Alabama senate disaster, where a Democrat is now a senator in a deep red state, because the Republicans ran an alleged paedophile. There are some differences in this case that would make a Blankenship nomination even more troubling. The allegations about Roy Moore came out during the senate general election, at a point where conservatives did not have a Republican choice to vote for. We know of Blankenship’s conviction before the primary and have two other strong conservatives to choose from. Although the paedophile allegations about Moore are credible he has not been convicted of anything, Blankenship has.

If you are a Republican in West Virginia vote for Morrisey or Jenkins and if you feel as if you cannot vote for either we urge you to stay home. Even President Trump has even tweeted his disdain for Blankenship this morning, “To the great people of West Virginia we have, together, a really great chance to keep making a big difference. Problem is, Don Blankenship, currently running for Senate, can’t win the General Election in your State…No way! Remember Alabama. Vote Rep. Jenkins or A.G. Morrisey!”

Blankenship would be a stain on the Republican Party and would most likely contribute to a lost senate seat in a winnable state. #NeverBlankenship


Aedan Sara O’Connor is the founder and CEO of Dame Right. While she is an American patriot, she was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. An avid political junkie and nerd, she created Dame Right when she saw a void to be filled in feminine conservative media. Her previous work has been featured in Daily Wire, The National Post, Rebel Media, Toronto Sun and Jerusalem Post.

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