Rose McGowan is not “Brave”

By: Alice Lemos

I will save would-be readers of Rose McGowan’s “Brave” some time and money by summarizing her book here.  She essentially thinks that she is brave and that everyone else is brainwashed.  She thinks we are brainwashed if we support Donald Trump, that women have lost all their rights because he was elected president. She fails to note  that his opponent Hillary Clinton’s husband was credibly accused of rape. We are also brainwashed if we enjoy movies (she might have something there) and if we like long hair.  That is the book in a nutshell.

The cover photo of Brave is a photo of McGowan having her hair shorn. That was her act of “bravery”.  She seems to forget that short hair has been the trademark look of the gorgeous Linda Evangelista and that Katy Perry, Ruby Rose and Miley Cyrus all have very short hair.  This is not “bravery” – this is modern fashion!

McGowan believes that if you watch Fox News you are being brainwashed because they claim to be “fair and balanced”.  She prefers CNN which also claims to be objective but has been incredibly biased. They have been on a jihad against Trump from before he was even elected. The hypocrisy is astounding.

McGowan claims that she has been shamed and that she is “just like you”.  I think back to a time when a woman named Linda Tripp made a similar claim,that she was “just like you” after she was harassed and threatened for spilling the beans on the crimes of President Bill Clinton and his attempt to undermine Monica Lewinsky’s testimony against him in a sexual harassment case.  Tripp was treated with total disregard and outright hatred.  McGowan was not subject to that treatment which highlights it truly is brave to stand up to the left. Perhaps if she had shaved her hair, like McGowan, she might have been treated with more respect.

McGowan is also supportive of the silly Women’s Marches which unfortunately have turned into exercises in promoting anti-Semitism and abortion rights. Men were allowed to march and men who identified as women were encouraged whereas pro life women are explicitly excluded. They are led by supporters of notorious anti-semite Louis Farrkhan.

Robert Rodriguez, the director of the film “Grindhouse” talks about how involved McGowan was with rapist Weinstein’s film. Weinstein’s sexual crimes were well known amongst those in Hollywood. It should also be noted that Rose broke up his marriage.  So much for her  so called feminist “solidarity”…

When she was in New York promoting her book at a Barnes & Noble she was verbally attacked by a transgender for not being involved in the “cause”.  This is one case in which Rose got it right.  Her cause – at the present – is about herself and not about other collective “victim groups”.  However, there is that sticky situation in Virginia where the court found her wallet on an airplane with a “controlled substance” inside.  McGowan is claiming that the substance was planted by Weinstein or one of his “agents”.  Now Weinstein may still have some connections but at this point I doubt he could get anybody to help him cross the street if he were in a wheel chair.

In short, if McGowan were really “brave” she would volunteer at a battered women’s shelter or work the rape crisis line or volunteer with Mother Teresa’s nuns in India. She could have stuck up for feminists in truly dangerous situations, such as countries governed by Sharia law.  Instead, she prefers to rail at the world for what has happened to her career.  I prefer the attitude of the young former actress, molested by Weinstein, who decided she no longer wanted to part of an industry that grossly exploited women. She found another path.  Note to Rose:  take that hint.  Do something more productive and useful.

Alice Lemos photo

Alice Lemos is a graduate of Brown University with a PhD in Hispanic studies. She is a proud mom and active pro-lifer.

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